Spare Teeth

Virtual Reality Game
Project Overview
Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of Virtual Reality experiences and decided, with a team, it was about time to make a game of our own. Spare Teeth are a VR bowling game with a mini-golf twist. The game includes wacky characters, psychedelic environments, and hidden secrets. We had no problem coming up with wild and increasingly complex ideas, only to encounter the small issue of actually following through and completing them. Spare Teeth is the culmination of frustration and of off the wall ideas.
My Contributions
Having experience in 3D design and animation, my main role in this project was modeling and animating. I had a ton of fun creating wacky characters who come to life and interact with the player. Likewise, I had to overcome the challenge of creating courses and environments that lead to interesting and well balanced gameplay.
My primary job for this project was to model assets and characters that felt cohesive to the world we were creating. We wanted to construct a wonky world set in a universe in which sentient teeth rule the kingdom. Likewise, because we were working with the limitations of VR I had to ensure that all the assets created were optimized to enhance performance. To achieve this end, I had to create assets that worked modularly.
Next we noticed that, although our game was full of vibrant, smiling characters, it lacked a sense of life. To achieve this I went in and animated just about every object. The trees needed to sway in the wind, creatures needed to bop to the music, water needed to ripple. I also wanted the player to feel like he was a part of the world so I created hit interactions.
My final task was to create environments in which the game would take place. The biggest challenge here was creating courses that were interested and well balanced. I blocked out many tracks trying to make each one unique. After testing each track and weeding out the ones that were too difficult, not fun, or repetitive, I began creating the final product. We created different biomes to match each track.
Task 1
Task 3
Task 2
SpareTeeth Characters on an Island
Spare Teeth CharactersVirtual Reality ScreenShot of Waterfall and SpareTeeth LogoSpareTeeth Screen Shot. Desert SceneVirtual Reality Screenshot in SpareTeeth. Mini golf scene Virtual Reality Screenshot of SpareTeeth. A heaven scene with mini golf