Safe Surf Island
Project Overview
Our team was tasked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to revisit and update the SOS educational initiative that was completed 5 years ago. We created a series of island for each grade level. Kids can explore the islands playing games that teach safe online practices. While the previous iteration of this site used Flash, we were more than happy to bring this system into the modern mobile market.
My Contributions
For this project I handled most of the 3D modeling. Working from concept sketches I laid out the landscape of each island in Cinema4D. I then developed assets that could populate each island, ranging from old mining cabins to tropical palms. Each island required custom assets that would tie into a theme.
My primary job for this project was to model island worlds based on concept sketches given to me. I wanted the environments to represent different biomes so I gathered reference images from around the world. Likewise, we wanted the final renders to possess toy like features so I modeled my assets with exaggerated bevels, tapering, and unrealistic proportions. I am very happy with the final results.
Task 1