Future of Freight Festival
Project Overview
For this project I was required to create a visual direction for an in person conference that conveyed both future and logistics. Part of this experience required high quality visuals presented on stage, brand elements, and printed signage. Through the use of Unreal Engine's rendering I was able to build on stage elements that conveyed the event's mission and brought a futuristic world of logistics to life.
My Contributions
For this project I was in charge of producing all rendered imagry. This included on stage visuals, virtual event elements, , and motion elements. I utilized Unreal Engine 5 for high resolution rendering building environments out and creating animations. Likewise, I helped establish the event's identity and branding.
Task 1
Task 2
World Building
For my first task I was required to create an identity around the event. I wanted to create an environment that the visitors could step into. To start I built upon the idea of Freight in the Future. What would the Future of logistics look like? From here I developed an identity around a not to far dystopian future in which we all rely on freight to survive.
Next I worked to bring the identity to life. Knowing we would be implementing large stage visuals I decided using a fast rendering option would be ideal. Hopping into Unreal engine I soon had an environment created that would stand as the theme.
Task 3
Animating and Rendering
Finally, I was required to produce renders that would be used on large scale LED screens. Several animations were required for different segments and introductions. The renders were also used as stills in print material.
Futuristic Drone Carrying Pakcage
Cantainer Units In Front Of An Aquarium At NightTesla Truck In the FogFuturistic City At Night