City In The Clouds
Project Overview
The Atlantic Magazine and Microsoft tasked us to produce an interactive map-based experience, capable of introducing customers to the benefits of cloud services on the complex lives of moder urbanites. With this project we were challenged to create a uniquely styled low-poly city with animated vignettes, to be used in both web and print mediums, and associated web interface to allow for cross-platform navigation and content delivery.
My Contributions
My involvement in this project was 3D modeling and animations. This project required me to model hundreds of unique buildings and vehicles. Likewise featured videos from sections of the city called for animated cars, boats, planes, and trains. I had to use problem solving to determine traffic flow throughout the city, making sure cars stopped at intersections and avoided collisions.
We were tasked to develop a low poly style that still stood out as unique. To do this our team came up with a style that features strong bevels and displaced edges. Once our style was established jumped into Cinema 4D and began modeling buildings. Our city needed to highlight four distinct districts, Industrial, Residential, Business, and Transportation. Next we wanted to give the city some life so I was tasked to create vehicles. I modeled several unique vehicles, then using a random color shader was able to create variety.
My next job was to animate sections of the city that would be highlighted in informational videos. The difficulty with this task was I needed to animate hundreds of cars that moved independently of each other. To accomplish this I created paths for the cars to follow, setting parameters that forced cars to stop at intersections, emulate inertia, and avoid wrecks.
Task 1
Task 2