Hello, I'm...

Caleb Spysktra

I am an interactive designer and animator. I love pushing the limits of technology by creating engaging experiences. Some of my favorite things include rock climbing, coffee, and house plants. Oh, and yes, my heritage is Dutch, thus the weird name.

Caleb Spykstra sitting laughing

My History

I graduated from Covenant College with a major in Communication Design. With my degree I worked for Chattanooga's Company Lab where I developed my creative skills. I later went on to work for Level 2 Design (L2D) where I have gained a passion for interactive experiences. Most recently I have been applying my skills at the leading logistics media company, FreightWaves. I primarily work in Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, and Adobe Suite, although I routinely look for excuses to expand my tool set.

3D Design
Motion Design
Graphic Arts
UX/UI Design
Game Design
Caleb and Girl At the top of a mountianA Beautiful Scene of Colorado Mountians from a climbing rope
Caleb Spykstra Climing on a Boulder
Robot in a Foggy Scene

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